The Good, Bad, or Ugly?

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Scroll down for Real life IDDM Regimes: An Educational Tour from DiabetesOnline.
(All regimes were run on a 486 compatible laptop computer running under Windows 3.1 with 8 megs of RAM using the Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM medical simulation software by ITA Software, Inc.)
This 1st one is UGLY! John K has hopefully learned what NOT to do.
This 2nd one is pretty GOOD! Ken M's regime is much better. One big shot of N for basal, H for bolus... "Poor Man's Insulin Pump" material?....
This 3rd one is very interesting! Barb Schiller's regime is Ultralente and Humalog with 3 meals a day. Then we looked at ways of improving her regime with some R!
This 4th one is from the UK! Diana M's regime is Regular and NPH. with 5 meals a day. This one is just presented withouth fluff. (New! 6/12/97)
This 5th one is from the east coast: L's regime is Ultralente and Humalog. This is another so-called "Poor Person's Insulin Pump" regime. (New! 9/26/97)
This 6th one is from Tara Dufour! Tara's regime is Humalog and NPH. (New! 10/10/97)
More regimes to come soon! Keep Checking back!
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