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I hope the DiabetesOnline educational tours give you additional insight into IDDM diabetes. I hope that additional insight leads you to an appreciation for the wonderful computer program that made this Computer Aided Design of Diabetes possible: Often called simply ITA, the Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM program is just one of the 5 excellent WindowsTM computer programs that ship in a complete package called Diabetes WorksTM for Windows. Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM is endorsed and used by a member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, Dr. Richard Guthrie, MD, CDE.


Diabetes WorksTM is available right now from DiabetesOnline for just $19.95. This is a limited time offer.

Please enjoy this Tour, courtesy of DiabetesOnline Software Service.

The first DiabetesOnline Regime Tour showed how ITA could easily expose weaknesses in insulin coverage (see JohnK's "UGLY" regime. This 2nd Regime Tour presents KennethM's less vivid but equally important regime. KennethM's regime could be classified under the question:

"The Poor Man's Insulin Pump"?

And please remember:




 So here we go...

The process of evaluating a real-life regime using the Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM computer simulation of diabetes (ITA) is also the process of evaluating ITA itself. I will be emphasizing throughout that ITA provides valuable and credible access to knowledge about how food, insulin, and exercise are supposed to affect blood sugars in IDDM Diabetes, that ITA is credentialed software endorsed by a member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, and that ITA is:


YES! ITA IS easy to use:



Let's walk-through a real person's diabetes ...

......to give you a feel for ITA's power and ease of use.



Here is KennethM's real-life IDDM Regime (exactly as submitted):
 Regime  Client's own description

INSULIN Schedule

 7:30 AM X units H; 3 hr duration
12:00 PM X+1 units H; 3 hr duration
6:00 PM X+4 units H; 3 hr duration
11 PM 25 units N; 24 hr. duration

FOOD Schedule
(grams of Carbohydrates)

7 :30 AM Breakfast 60 grams.
12:00 PM Lunch 90 grams.
6:00 PM Dinner 90 grams.
11:00 PM Snack 15 grams.
Lows tend to be before breakfast 95
Also, lows tend to be before Lunch 95
Highs occur ...2 1/2 hours (after) dinner average about 180. Lows are before breakfast and before lunch with an average around 95. My highest reading in the last month was 233, I think I missed on my carb count (eating out)...
...."I have never had a reading below 80"

Note: KenM in real life uses much more Humalog insulin than is usually recommended. DiabetesOnline has therefore decided NOT to show the details on how many units of Humalog insulin that KenM uses. The absence of this level of detail on insulin amounts should not detract from the educational concepts presented by this Tour.

Douglas Stanton


 Warning: Changing any diabetic health care plan can be dangerous. Make no changes to any therapy regime without approval of your physician/health care team.



 Remember that KenM is a real person with real IDDM problems.


 and that this is Ken's real-life regime...



Is he Reasonably Under Control?
 I need a clear picture!
 Seems OK, doesn't it?


So.... to get a clear picture, I turn to a credentialed medical simulation called:


Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM (ITA)
ITA is endorsed and used by a member of the Board of Directors of the AADE!


 So here we go...



First, I sit down with my WindowsTM laptop computer in front of the fireplace.

Second, I fire up Windows 3.1 on my laptop (or Windows95).

and here's what shows up on my screen (a little pizzazz was added):

Dr. Stanton's LauncherTM is one of the 5 programs that comes with Diabetes WorksTM


You can easily add ANY of your favorite programs..... and After you click, it "minimizes" and looks like this:



Third, I simply click on the button in the Diabetes Works Launcher that says Insulin Analysis.


 Fourth, I type in food (carbs) and insulin (units) and time and set the sensitivity.
Fifth, I click on the button that says: View Hi/Lo!
.... and, in less than 1/2 second ....


... That's it! Adjust the sensitivity .... then:


This is exactly what you the ITA screen looks like.
 Figure 1: ITA's bG projections for Ken M's regime.

ITA results are what medical science says should happen to Ken M's blood glucose levels!


See! ITA is EASY to use!

(Want to know what ITA is doing during that 1/2 second.)



So .... what did ITA communicate?



To learn more about KenM's regime, I simply click on ITA's "View graphs" button with my cursor. The graphic is shown to you just as you would see it on your PC's screen, but I annotated it for clarity.


LESS Technical: The bottom two ITA graphs are meant to give you a feel for how much "oooommmphff" accompanies each meal and each shot.

More Technical: The bottom two graphs are a visual representation of both the timing and amounts involved in the insulin coverages and carb loading of KenM's regime!)



Let's look again at how easily ITA can communicate information about KenM's regime:

... learn when to be most cautious ...

You can visualize your diabetes


ITA makes IDDM diabetes visible!




 Now, THAT'S more like it!
This *even feels right*!


You can also redesign a regime with ITA:


This following example regime redesign came from Tour Number 1, the JohnK presentation:


I ran the following "what-if" analysis on JohnK's regime using ITA: ....I simply shifted JohnK's N insulin (on the computer) to an hour earlier;

and added some Humalog (on the computer) in the morning and dinner ...

... and here is the credible improvement to JohnK's regime that ITA shows is possible:



Notice how ITA engages you in improving your regime!

It's like having your own diabetologist in your own home!


Did I remember to mention that.....
ITA is endorsed by a member of the Board of Directors of the AADE?
 Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM


Like an airplane pilot can train and learn on an Airplane simulator, you can train and learn with ITA, a Diabetes simulation ...
 .... on your own WindowsTM computer ...
 ... in your own home!


Finally, a tool that can describe the "geometry" of your individual Diabetes;
That can Communicate YOUR Diabetes Experience to your family, friends, and physician!!!
That allows you to CRAFT a Diabetes Regime!


ITA ENABLES intelligent analysis


You can learn how to reduce the volatility;

You can show IDDM children and adults what to strive for.

Invaluable for all those who want to take responsibility for their own diabetes.

An essential Diabetes Communication Tool!

and Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM puts


I hope this Diabetes Tour was both enjoyable and educational. I also hope you came away with the realization that ITA is extremely important medical software that communicates the IDDM experience, AND lets you do something about it. And yes, ITA IS easy to use!

DiabetesOnline thanks Dr. Richard Guthrie, MD, CDE for his gracious endorsement of the Insulin Therapy Analysis computer program! Dr. Guthrie is currently an active member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, and is Medical Director of both Mid America Diabetes Associates and the prestigious St. Josephs's Hospital Diabetes Treatment Center (University of Kansas School of Medicine).


Diabetes WorksTM is available right now from DiabetesOnline for just $19.95. This is a limited time offer.


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Everyone is invited to continue with to Part 2 of this Tour,
but just be aware....

Part 2 is technically oriented:
Part 2 is meant for the Pro's!


Part 2 shows details of how ITA put the heart of the AADE's Core Curriculum book into its educational soul! If lots of graphs and plots and scientific jargon scare you, you might want to skip this next section. (I just don't want anybody to be intimidated! ITA is easy to use! and does all of this work for you!

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or continue on to ...

A Peek Under the Hood
Continue to Part 2: Technical Talk and Presentation!











Diabetes WorksTM receives major endorsement!

 Diabetes WorksTM, marketed by DiabetesOnline Software Service (http://www.diabetesonline.com), recently received a major endorsement of its product from a member of the Board of Directors(!!) of AADE:

Its INSULIN THERAPY ANALYSISTM for WindowsTM is now endorsed and used by Dr. Richard Guthrie, MD, CDE, Medical Director of both Mid America Diabetes Associates and the prestigious St. Josephs's Hospital Diabetes Treatment Center (University of Kansas School of Medicine), and is included in its diabetes patient regime management program.

Dr. Guthrie, MD, CDE, is an active member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, and is world renowned for his research and writings** on the subject of diabetes. Dr. Guthrie said in his letter to Douglas Stanton of DiabetesOnline Software Service:

"I would certainly be happy to endorse your Insulin Therapy Analysis computer program.There is a capability here that many persons dealing with diabetes might want to try. The Insulin Therapy Analysis software has the capability of communicating important principles of IDDM regime management that otherwise might be impossible to communicate without the aid of a computer. Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM is the right way to do it."

 ** Dr. Richard A. Guthrie, MD, CDE, and his wife, Dr. Diana Guthrie, RD, Ph.D, CDE, are principal authors of the AADE's 'bible' on 'Diabetes Education: A Core Curriculum for Diabetes Professionals'. They also co-authored the books *Nursing Management of Diabetes*, as well as *The Diabetes Sourcebook*. Dr. Richard Guthrie has also authored over 47 publications in various prestigious medical periodicals, and reviews, as well as over 20 separate chapters for medical text book publications on the subject of diabetes. Dr. Richard Guthrie, currently on the board of directors of the AADE, is also quite active in the International Society of the Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes in the International Diabetes Federation. Dr. Diana Guthrie, RN, Ph.D, CDE, has served on the National Board of Directors of both the American Diabetes Association and the Association of Diabetes Educators. She has received the highest award of the American Diabetes Association that is given to non-physicians: Outstanding Educator.








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What is ITA calculating?

During that 1/2 second, the ITA program looks at when and how much the patient ate, then calculates how much food should be in the patient's system. ITA then looks at when and how much insulin the patient took, then calculates how much insulin should be available in the patient's system. The ITA medical simulation then basically compares food (pushing blood sugars UP) with insulin (pushing blood sugars DOWN). ITA SIMPLY PRESENTS THE OUTCOME OF THAT FOOD/INSULIN BATTLE.

How does ITA know how much food should be in the patients system?

How quickly food (carbs) is absorbed into patients' bloodstreams and how long bloodsugars are affected is well studied. ITA uses published clinical food absorption data taken from hospital studies and clinical trials. The ITA carbohydrate absorption data is real clinical carb loading data from real physiologies of real persons.

How does ITA know how much insulin should be in the patients system?

How quickly various insulins are absorbed into the system is well studied. ITA's insulin absoption curve data was gleaned from hospital studies and clinical trials and from published results from Eli Lilly and other insulin manufacturers. The ITA insulin absorption data is based on the real physiologies of real persons. (You can look at various published insulin absorption curves at Eli Lilly's excellent website. Links to the Lilly site are presented after this Tour.)

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