This regime was submitted by DianaM from the UK. This Tour could be classified under:
 "Diana's quest for good control .."

(Insulin types: Regular and NPH)


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And please remember:





 So here we go...


Let's walk through a real person's diabetes to give you a feel for ITA's power and ease of use.


Below is DianaM's real life IDDM regime as she submitted it:
 Regime  Client's own description



7:30 AM 8 units R

7:30 AM 12 units N

1:00 PM 8 units R

7:30 PM 8 units R

11:00 PM 14 units N


FOOD (carbs)


8:00 AM breakfast 40 grams

11 AM Snack 10 grams

1:30 PM Lunch 50 grams

4:00 PM Snack 20 grams

8 PM dinner 50 grams

11:00 PM snack 20 grams


"I have trouble with high BGs (200-300) before breakfast, early evening (around 6 pm) and around 11 pm. Lows tend to occur around 11 am (50-90) and around 3 pm."


"My readings run from 50 - 360 overall."


Remember that DianaM is a real person with real IDDM problems, and that this is DianaM's real-life regime...


To get a clear picture, I turn to a credentialed medical simulation called:


Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM (ITA)
ITA is endorsed and used by a member of the Board of Directors of the AADE!


and in less than 20 minutes I had *run the numbers* on DianaM's regime, including entering her regime! Here are those results:


This is exactly what DianaM's regime looks like printed out on my Epson Stylus Color printer.


This top plot shows simulated blood glucose levels (figure 1a)



This middle plot shows: Carb Loading (figure 2a)


This bottom graph shows: Available Insulin (bolus) (figure 3a)



The text in this GLUCOSE HIGH-LOW REPORT provides a convenient summary on her Insulin regime and her diet.

... And here is what ITA showed us about DianaM's regime:




LESS Technical: The bottom two ITA graphs are meant to give you a feel for how much "oooommmphff" accompanies each meal and each insulin shot. And the top graph shows her expected blood sugar levels.


More Technical: The bottom two graphs are a visual representation of both the timing and amounts involved in the insulin coverages and carb loading of DianaM's regime! The top graph shows her expected blood sugar levels.



 And that's how EASY ITA is!
 Look again how easily ITA communicates really important information and concepts about DianaM's regime: when is she most likely to be vulnerable to both lows and highs.  



 May I point out:
 ITA is Computer Aided Design of (IDDM) Diabetes.
 Notice how ITA has engaged you in DianaM's regime!
 Yes, ITA allows a "what-if" analysis. She could investigate adding Humalog, or eating a larger snack at 11 am, or ......
 Similar to how an airplane pilot can train and learn on an Airplane simulator, you can train and learn with ITA, a Diabetes simulation .... on your own WindowsTM computer ... in your own home!
 Finally, you can have a tool that can describe the "geometry" of your individual Diabetes; that can Communicate YOUR individual Diabetes to your family, friends, and physician; that allows you to CRAFT a Diabetes Regime!
 ITA enables intelligent analysis of your IDDM regime.
 You can learn how to reduce the volatility;
 You can show IDDM children and adults what to strive for.
 Invaluable for all those who want to take responsibility for their own diabetes.
 An essential Diabetes Communication Tool!



Did I remember to mention that .....
ITA is endorsed by a member of the Board of Directors of the AADE?
 Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM
Managed Health Care in the Home where it belongs!




and Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM puts

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I hope this Diabetes Tour was both enjoyable and educational. I also hope you came away with the realization that ITA is extremely important medical software that communicates the IDDM experience, AND lets you do something about it.


And yes, ITA IS easy to use!


DiabetesOnline thanks Dr. Richard Guthrie, MD, CDE for his gracious endorsement of the Insulin Therapy Analysis computer program! Dr. Guthrie is currently an active member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, and is Medical Director of both Mid America Diabetes Associates and the prestigious St. Josephs's Hospital Diabetes Treatment Center (University of Kansas School of Medicine).


Diabetes WorksTM is available right now from DiabetesOnline. See pricing details on DiabetesOnline home page.





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Diabetes WorksTM receives major endorsement!

 Diabetes WorksTM, marketed by DiabetesOnline Software Service (, recently received a major endorsement of its product from a member of the Board of Directors(!!) of AADE:

Its INSULIN THERAPY ANALYSISTM for WindowsTM is now endorsed and used by Dr. Richard Guthrie, MD, CDE, Medical Director of both Mid America Diabetes Associates and the prestigious St. Josephs's Hospital Diabetes Treatment Center (University of Kansas School of Medicine), and is included in its diabetes patient regime management program.

Dr. Guthrie, MD, CDE, is an active member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, and is world renowned for his research and writings** on the subject of diabetes. Dr. Guthrie said in his letter to Douglas Stanton of DiabetesOnline Software Service:

"I would certainly be happy to endorse your Insulin Therapy Analysis computer program.There is a capability here that many persons dealing with diabetes might want to try. The Insulin Therapy Analysis software has the capability of communicating important principles of IDDM regime management that otherwise might be impossible to communicate without the aid of a computer. Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM is the right way to do it."

 ** Dr. Richard A. Guthrie, MD, CDE, and his wife, Dr. Diana Guthrie, RD, Ph.D, CDE, are principal authors of the AADE's 'bible' on 'Diabetes Education: A Core Curriculum for Diabetes Professionals'. They also co-authored the books *Nursing Management of Diabetes*, as well as *The Diabetes Sourcebook*. Dr. Richard Guthrie has also authored over 47 publications in various prestigious medical periodicals, and reviews, as well as over 20 separate chapters for medical text book publications on the subject of diabetes. Dr. Richard Guthrie, currently on the board of directors of the AADE, is also quite active in the International Society of the Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes in the International Diabetes Federation. Dr. Diana Guthrie, RN, Ph.D, CDE, has served on the National Board of Directors of both the American Diabetes Association and the Association of Diabetes Educators. She has received the highest award of the American Diabetes Association that is given to non-physicians: Outstanding Educator.






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