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Diabetes WorksTM is endorsed by a top physician on the Board of Directors of the AADE!
Jack McCarthy started walking from Derby, Kansas on September 15th, 2001 to raise money for diabetes causes. His walk ended after 850 miles in Indianapolis, Indiana to a warm and enthusiastic greeting from one of Jack's great admirers, Eli Lilly and Company. Jack wrote the following after the completion of his walk:

"I walk today to give encouragement for tomorrow...

I want to thank Eli Lilly and Company for 65 years plus of life. The doctor told my parents in 1936 when I was diagnosed it would be a miracle if I lived to age twenty. Due to Eli Lilly, I have been able to five different times over a 15 year span walking over 3,200 miles to give awareness-education-good control to 16 million diabetics.

There was no better place to end my 850 mile walk than with my Eli Lilly family on November 1, 2001, the first day of National Diabetes Month. On my birthday (August 28th), I say a special prayer thenking God, my late parents, and my Eli Lilly family for another year of life.

A special thanks to Nicole Hebert, Beth Dean, and Cathy Williams for making my day so special on November 1, 2001."

Jack McCarthy

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