Diabetes WorksTM receives major endorsement!

Diabetes WorksTM, marketed by DiabetesOnline Software Service (http://www.diabetesonline.com), recently received a major endorsement of its product from a member of the Board of Directors(!!) of AADE:

Its Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM for WindowsTM is now endorsed and used by Dr. Richard Guthrie, MD, CDE, Medical Director of both Mid America Diabetes Associates and the prestigious St. Josephs's Hospital Diabetes Treatment Center (University of Kansas School of Medicine), and is included in its diabetes patient regime management program.

Dr. Guthrie, MD, CDE, is an active member of the Board of Directors of the AADE, and is world renowned for his research and writings** on the subject of diabetes. Dr. Guthrie said in his letter to Douglas Stanton of DiabetesOnline Software Service:

"I would certainly be happy to endorse your Insulin Therapy Analysis computer program. I feel that your program is an excellent one and one that can be particularly helpful."

Additionally, Dr. Guthrie stated:

"There is a capability here that many persons dealing with diabetes might want to try. The Insulin Therapy Analysis software has the capability of communicating important principles of IDDM regime management that otherwise might be impossible to communicate without the aid of a computer. Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM is the right way to do it."

Douglas Stanton, marketing director and webmaster of DiabetesOnline Software Service, was ecstatic with such a high powered endorsement:

"..That Dr. Guthrie recognized his own and his wife's work in our product is quite important to me, both personally and professionally: I suddenly feel very educated; very honored: ..... I am elated to know that I, too, am empowered to learn about diabetes..."

Credentials and Awards

 ** Dr. Richard A. Guthrie, MD, CDE, and his wife, Dr. Diana Guthrie, RD, Ph.D, CDE, are principal authors of the AADE's 'bible' on 'Diabetes Education: A Core Curriculum for Diabetes Professionals'. They also co-authored the books *Nursing Management of Diabetes*, as well as *The Diabetes Sourcebook*. Dr. Richard Guthrie has also authored over 47 publications in various prestigious medical periodicals, and reviews, as well as over 20 separate chapters for medical text book publications on the subject of diabetes. Dr. Richard Guthrie, currently on the board of directors of the AADE, is also quite active in the International Society of the Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes in the International Diabetes Federation. Dr. Diana Guthrie, RN, Ph.D, CDE, has served on the National Board of Directors of both the American Diabetes Association and the Association of Diabetes Educators. She has received the highest award of the American Diabetes Association that is given to non-physicians: Outstanding Educator.

*Insulin Therapy AnalysisTM* is one of a collection of 5 (five) diabetes software programs called *Diabetes WorksTM*. All 5 programs are for WindowsTM computers (and PowerPC MacintoshesTM running SoftWindowsTM), and can be purchased through the web at www.diabetesonline.com.

With Kind Regards,

Douglas Stanton
DiabetesOnline Software Service
A marketing arm of: ITA Software, Inc.


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