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"[DiabetesWorks] is the right way to do it."
Dr. Richard A. Guthrie
MD, CDE, is a member of the AADE Board of Directors and principle author of multiple books on Diabetes.
Based on data published from Eli Lilly's insulin clinical trials, and others, DiabetesWorksTM is a combination of 5 programs for WindowsTM that help you take control of your life. Imagine having an idea of how your blood sugar will act tomorrow. Imagine a tool that can revolutionize the way you and your doctor manage your regime. Above all, imagine experimenting on a computer instead of yourself. By entering information about meals, types of insulin, amount and time of injection, DiabetesWorksTM empowers you and your doctor to make more educated decisions about your regime. More importantly, it allows you to truly understand for the first time what is happening to your body.

DiabetesWorksTM began in 1995 when Dr. (Ph.D.) Stewart Stanton learned that his wife had Adult Onset Diabetes. Looking for a better way to settle on an insulin regime than trial and error - the process of injecting yourself and waiting to discover what happens - he implemented the clinical data into a usable form. What emerged was a program that could educate people about diabetes.

In a world where testing strips alone can cost upwards of $75 a bottle, why use them with only half the tools?

Insulin Therapy Analysis
Glucose Plotter
Diabetes Diet Analyzer
Dear Diary (included free)
Launcher 4.0 (included free)
DiabetesWorksTM includes these programs: