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ITA Software, Inc. specializes in Software for the management of Diabetes. Copyright 1994, 1995 by ITA Software All Rights Reserved. Tutorial written by Doug Stanton, with help from Dr. Stewart Stanton.

NOTE FROM DIABETES ONLINE SOFTWARE SERVICES: Thank you for your interest in Insulin Therapy Analysis. I hope the following excerpts from the ITA tutorial convey the true elegance of this very educational program.


......... we suggest you first get a feel for the sensitivity the ITA program simulation. The ITA computer program therefor comes with pre-loaded data to give you the opportunity to run ITA on a properly calibrated model. The tutorial will then walk you through the setup processes using that pre-loaded data.

This data, by the way, belongs to Don, a real person. What you will see on your computer monitor throughout this tutorial is ITA's representation of his real life problems with his disease. The data is his actual diabetes regime, and the information and conclusions you will discover regarding his set-up and regime analysis actually occurred in this fashion. And when you begin to picture how important this real simulation was to the real Don, then perhaps the troublesome nature of the set-up process will seem a lot easier.

So, try out Don's Data First. Then we'll talk.



When you've gotten a feel for the program and the sensitivities associated with his diabetes, then its time to seriously investigate a regime that might improve Don's regime. Perhaps you were able to bring his blood sugar levels down by increasing his insulin at one point, and shift his snacks at another. Let's show you our solution. (In case you erase(d) over Don's data, you can re-enter the data shown in the framed box above.)


...........Make the following adjustments to Don's diabetes regime:

a) Move his 6:30 pm injection (both his N and R) to 6:00 pm
b) Change his 6:00 pm N injection to 23 units (down from 25 units)
c) Change his 6:00 pm R injection to 18 units (up from 14 units)
e) Add 2 units of R at 12:30 pm to his schedule
f) Change Don's Meals to the following regime:

B 8:00 am 30 grams
S 10:00 am 30 grams
L 12:30 am 40 grams
S 3:00 am 40 grams
D 6:00 pm 60 grams
S 8:30 pm 40 grams
S 10:30 pm 20 grams


.......How to run Don's data: Step by Step Summary

Start up the program: Start up the program by double clicking on the icon for ITA.


............. We already put Don's regime in the computer for you to practice on. Lucky him! (Please do not mistake his data or results, or anyone else's data, for yours!) You are now at the STARTUP WINDOW. You can adjust or view or save or print Don's diabetes regime from here.


...... Now, look carefully at Don's substantially improved 24-hr Blood Sugar Prediction graph and Hi/Lo report. The 382 mg/dl blood sugar prediction (High PM) has been replaced with a high of 182 mg/dl! Most importantly, his baseline average blood sugar level was reduced from 180 (mg/dl) to 120 (mg/dl)! The ITA simulation provided a simulated diabetes management regimen that was successful in reducing Don's baseline. After consulting with his health care team, Don was successful in carrying out the new regimen in real life.


....... Now, its time to try some experimentation by adjusting Don's regime:

The user should now take the time at the computer to try various changes in Don's regime. First, get a feel for diabetes: move a snack by 30 minutes; add a snack; add to or reduce the carbohydrates eaten at a given meal; simulate changing the doses and times of injections. View the effect of taking insulin 30 minutes before a meal. See the effect of eating too much.



d) Set Dawn Phenomenon: Don clicked 'yes'.


Warning: Changing any diabetic health care plan can be dangerous. Make no changes to any therapy regime without approval of your physician/health care team. This analysis is not a substitute for the sound medical advice of your personal physician or health care team. Use of ITA software or these results constitutes agreement by user that user assumes all responsibility for use or misuse of these results. Consult your Doctor. Read ITA's Disclaimer and License Agreement.

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